Dare Foods Limited fonds

Dare Foods Limited.
Contains one film reel of Dare Foods Limited television advertisements. The film consists of two identical versions of "Dare Delicious," [EN] and two identical versions of "Opera," [FR]. Each film is 30 seconds in length and features white actors. The Dare Delicious films feature a jingle with the same name. They include shots of children eating and stacking towers of cookies, hands taking cookies off of a serving plate, a tuba player, and a butler holding a plate of cookies. The films end with a child taking a bite of a cooking and stating: "Dare delicious." The Opera films feature a French version of the Dare Delicious jingle. They include an opera starring two children singing as another child, dressed as a villain in a cape and hat, tries to steal cookies being watched by an audience eating Dare cookies. The films end with the child actors smiling at the camera and stating: "Les bons gagnent tout le temps."